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Another 2.4 pounds, but how much have I lost?

2011 March 18

Another 2.4 pounds since last Friday on the new Official Unofficial Scale.

If you are a constant reader than you know I’m having trouble monitoring my weight loss between the Official Unofficial Scale and the Unofficial Unofficial Scale, which last week became the Official Unofficial Scale after the original Official Unofficial Scale disappeared from my trainer’s office.

Because there is a 5 to 7 pound discrepancy between the former Official Unofficial Scale and the current Official Unofficial Scale (and I never got an Unofficial Unofficial Scale starting weight), my friend Yoss, who might be one of the only people reading this blog, suggested the problem might be that I’m not wearing any shoes on the new Official Unofficial Scale, which was the former Unofficial Unofficial Scale. Yoss, by the way, is an asshole.

So to appease one of my only known constant readers, I weighed myself this morning without shoes (or clothes, for that matter) and then put everything on and weighed again. My workout gear does not explain the wide discrepancy between the scales, but it does put on another two pounds.

Regardless, when apples are compared to apples, I am down 2.4 pounds from last week and that is good news.

And for the record, I officially officially don’t know exactly how much weight I’ve lost since Day 1, but I’ll find out soon.

Food Journal (click to view):
Breakfast: Power Bar
Snack: Protein Shake
Lunch: Salad from Whole Foods with tuna (didn’t eat it all)
Snack: Builder’s Bar
Dinner: Sausage, salad with tuna (leftover from lunch)

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  1. Melissa permalink
    March 29, 2011

    You have two readers!

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