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Getting back into the skinny clothes

2011 March 21

Suddenly all these shirts I've been holding onto fit again.

If you’ve ever gained weight, then lost it, and gained it back again, and then lost it again, or gained it and never lost it you know what it’s like to have a part of your closet known as the skinny section. Or maybe you have a box for skinny jeans. I’ll bet you even labeled it.

If you look in my closet you’ll see a lot of shirts. But if you’ve been around me the past two years, you’ve probably noticed I don’t wear a wide variety of clothing.

Truth is, I’ve been on a five- or six-shirt rotation for the past year and a half. I don’t wear new or interesting ensembles, and what I do wear is mostly black, because it supposedly has a thinning effect. I even had a friend ask me recently, “Do you only wear Oregon State T-shirts?”

2XL: My size the past few years.

I horizontally outgrew most of my clothing in 2009. But instead of replacing it, my selection narrowed to the point where it was nearly nonexistent. I didn’t want to buy a bunch of stuff for a fat guy, so I didn’t, aside from a few new 2XL OSU T-shirts I picked up on game days. I only bought new jeans when I was forced to. I got to the point where only two pairs fit and they smelled like stinky ass because I wore them all the time.

As I enter the last week of the Just Lose It! contest, I’m wearing some of my skinny clothes again. I’ve moved two notches on the belt, which I desperately need now to keep some of these pants from falling to my ankles.

I actually have two levels of skinny clothes I’ve kept all these years: the clothes I wore 2-3 years ago and the clothes I wore 4-6 years ago. I’ve gone from 2XL to simply XL, and I now fit into my second favorite T-shirt. If I shave off another 15-20 pounds and I’ll be down to L and be able to get into my favorite shirt — one that I picked up in Paris in 2006 and haven’t worn in four years.

As I was thumbing through the skinny section of my closet the other day, looking for something I hadn’t worn in a while, I realized I can probably expand my five shirt rotation to maybe 20. But there’s one problem.

This stuff isn’t even cool anymore.

Food Journal (click to view):

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs
Snack: Perfect Foods bar
Lunch: Salad with tuna (no, I don’t mean tuna salad, silly)
Dinner: Steak, salad
Snack: Hard-boiled egg, grapes, string cheese, almonds

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