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The Friday Weigh-in is now unofficially the official unofficial weigh-in

2011 March 11

We will now be measuring progress with this scale.

The Official Unofficial Scale that Paisley and I have been using to track my weight loss is gone. When I asked if we were going to step on it earlier this week, Paisley said: “We can’t. Somebody stole it out of my office and I’m pissed.”

So the scale formally known as the Unofficial Unofficial Scale is now the Official Unofficial Scale. This makes it a little more difficult to gauge where I am now compared to Day 1 but in a way, I’m glad. Because I believe the former Official Unofficial Scale is 5 to 7 pounds off in the wrong direction compared to the Unofficial Unofficial Scale, which is now the new Official Unofficial Scale. To test my theory, I weighed myself this afternoon on my brother’s scale and it was consistent with the new Official Unofficial Scale, which used to be the Unofficial Unofficial Scale.

My brother's scale is consistent with mine and most others.

Don’t follow? Read this previous entry that tries to¬†explain the scale discrepancies. What matters most, however, is the Official Scale. I stepped on it during Day 1 and I’ll step on it one more time in two weeks. I’ll have more to say about that then.

Regardless, I’m excited that I’ve finally cracked into the 230s on my scale even if it is just 239.8. Three years ago I cracked the 230s from the other direction and felt like the world was coming to and end. But I’m just glad to be here again. And I no doubt have more muscle mass than the guy who reached 232 in January 2008 (and soon after got back down to around 220).

The only thing that tempers today’s Friday Weigh-in is that I’ve barely moved on the scale in two weeks. I hit 240.0 right before I went to Las Vegas. I’ve been taking it easy this week because of my sore throat and swollen tonsils and I veered of the diet a tiny bit last weekend.

What would be nice would be to get down around 230 by the time this contest is over. That might be enough to win the $1,000 cash prize.

Food Journal (click to view):
Breakfast: Power Bar
Snack: Baked salmon, banana
Lunch: Pork slices, apple
Dinner: Chicken-bacon pitazza (just half; it’s small, I swear)
Snack: Chicken-bacon pitazza (the other half at 2 a.m.)

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