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I’ve been keeping a secret

2011 April 20
by Troy Foster

OK, the contest is over, I’ve been away from the blog for awhile and I’ve been sitting on some big news.

But for posterity’s sake, I have just posted the five unpublished blog entries that disappeared when my laptop and the TextEdit files it contained were shipped to Texas (or was it Missouri?) for repairs. I will reveal my news tomorrow, but in the meantime here are my missing entries. I bring special attention to them only because they are among my favorites, they include most of the meals I ate during the missing week and they complete this 10-week writing exercise and food journal.

Tomorrow, my big news. Until then …

The Missing Blogs

March 21: Getting back into the skinny clothes
March 22: Getting reacquainted with an old friend
March 24: Protein BEEFCAKE!!!
March 25: 1 pound?
March 27: Tunnel Falls: When mother knows best

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