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I was having dinner with my friend Karli one night, and we were discussing writing.

Writing, I explained, is like therapy to me. When I’m not writing, I feel like my brain isn’t getting proper exercise. I feel like I’m suffering from mental malnutrition.

I’m 32 and on my second career as a real estate portfolio manager. In my first career, which spanned 9 years as a student and a professional, I worked in the news business as a reporter and editor for five newspapers.

I have been struggling lately to find a venue to write. And as I was having that recent dinner conversation with Karli, I told her I didn’t just miss having my works published, I missed the creative process of writing — the things that happen between the first word and the last. I especially like it when the process of putting words to paper takes me somewhere I never expected.

“That’s it!” Karli said. “That’s it! You should start a blog and you should call it ‘Somewhere I Never Expected.'”

And here we are.

This blog is my venue for random musings. I might talk politics, I might talk baseball or I might just tell a funny story. Sometimes, I might even have a purpose that’s not so random.

With that, I’ve decided to launch my blog by chronicling a 10-week weight loss program I’ve begun called Just Lose It! It’s a contest sponsored by my gym where a $1,000 cash prize awaits the winner. Along with my lack of mental exercise, my lack of physical exercise has caused me to gain more than 25 pounds in the past two years. Follow me, if you wish, as I attempt to correct many aspects of my diet, lifestyle and routines. I’m on a mission to lose 50 pounds, and this is how I’m doing it.

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